What is ULDY? English version

Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth (ULDY) is a youth organization with a secular identity, leftist orientation and democratic practice that doesn’t aim to hold power, but to work with the youth and for them. We present their issues and struggle to achieve their rights and their well living. We are an organization that aims to build a secular country at the time where many forces try to obscure the concept of secularism by putting it in direct contradiction with religion, while for us we see it as the concept of having the state governed by rules and regulations produced by the people as a result of their experiences to serve their needs, and to keep religion away from those regulations and from the organization of the society.

Why a secular state ?

In a secular state people are equal in front of the law, so that one law is applied on all Lebanese people. In this state, we can build a civil progressive state where people move from being members of sects to being citizens of a country. In this state, and this line of thought people will be treated as a humane value independent of their religious beliefs and orientations .

What Democracy do we want?

We are an organization that practices democracy in its internal life so that all its bodies are elected. Our articles of organization guarantee the accountability of those bodies.l We work to have a democratic country, which we do not understand as the liberal democracy that is being proposed and promoted by the capitalist system worldwide. On the contrary, it is the democracy based on the liberation of the people from political and economic exploitation and control, so that the people are able to achieve their rights fulfilled and practice their duties independently. It is complemented by the active practice of political, social and economic independence and sovereignty.l

Why a Leftist organization ?

We are an organization that is openly biased for the poor and exploited people in the society. Our leftist orientation is determined by the interests of this class. This cultural background is reflected in our daily struggle when we face the exploitive economic policies that increase unemployment and push many of the Lebanese youth to immigrate and leaves the others living under poverty. We struggle for the public university, the University of the Poor People and we fight to improve the living conditions of our people. This will only be achieved after banishing all the unjust policies towards our people.

The prevailing consciousness was blocking the innocence of the youth… They grew up looking for answers, and around was a broad space of corruption, exploitation and oppression… Until our voice exploded in the horizon declaring rejection of all forms of oppression and we went own struggling for freedom and social justice…

Who are we?

Forms of Struggle:

Direct events and activities demanding the rights of youth (campaigns, protests, demonstrations, statements, meetings..) Cultural events (seminars, meetings, camps, conferences, educating ..) Artistic events (concerts, art camps, music education…) Children’s events (pioneers, camps, educative games….) Diverse events (working with the farmers, international action, …)
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